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Income Tax Returns

Income Tax Returns


Personal tax return: Our team specializes in preparing personal tax returns for our clients. Be it simple employment, self-employment and/or partnership, we calculate and prepare the return with utmost care. Once the tax return is prepared, we explain all the necessary information to our clients in easy language and then E-File it for immediate submission.

Trust-Estate Tax return: We specialize in helping clients in Trust-Estate tax issues. We help our clients navigate unique issues of Trust taxes and stand with them throughout the process. We support them from the initial setup of Trust to the final closure and filing all the necessary returns on time.

Corporation Taxes: Our team has a vast experience in dealing with Corporation Income Taxes. We prepare corporate income taxes for our clients in a timely manner. We provide an explanation, support and advise clients for various taxation related matters facing the client's corporation. We are involved in corporate income tax returns for Simple, Associated Corporates and Related corporations.

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